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The Really Good Bit...

How a pair of pj pants can help empower people and grow communities.

The Goodnight Society is a “profit for purpose” business.  We exist for social good. Sure, we can’t stop famine or end world poverty, but we can make a big difference for communities and we believe that’s better than doing nothing at all. For those people, their world is changed. And that means everything.

This was one of the main reasons why The Goodnight Society was started in the first place – to create happiness and some good karma. There are many ways we’re striving to make sure this happens. We call this the really good bit about our business, and every time you buy something from The Goodnight Society you’re helping us to make these good things happen. Go you!

We are really excited to partner with Belinda at Mammas Laef (pronounced Life)

This is where you come in.